1. Open Vocal Sensei.
  2. Choose the feature you'de like to use; either "Do Vocal Exercises" or "Start a Workout" for this tutorial to take effect.
  3. Open the Settings; Click the settings button in the app bar.
  4. Customize Range:
  • Select "Exercise Range."
  • Adjust your start and end notes by selecting the note and octave for each one.
  • Optionally use the "Detect" feature to simply sing the note you want to use.
  1. After adjusting, click "Save."
  2. This will be your default exercise range from now on.

Important Note:

  • The voice development exercises start with the base note you set (or default), scale up/down to the end note, and then return to the base note.

Now, you can sing and practice with exercises that are just right for your voice.

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