Picture of Sean Ray Dvir

Hey there, welcome to Melodic Mind, where the magic of music meets the wonders of software!
I'm Sean, the founder, and I'm excited to share the story that brought Melodic Mind to life.

  • ~5 years ago
    Passion Ignites Creation

    I embarked on a mission to build something new and exciting — bringing together my two greatest passions: music and software. The idea of fusing these two realms ignited a spark within me, setting the foundation for what would become Melodic Mind.

  • ~4.5 years ago
    Note-Art: Unlocking the Depths of Music

    I began by developing Note Art, an open-source library that implemented music theory in code. My aim was to dive deeper into the magical workings of music, going beyond my basic understanding of chords. I eagerly tapped into the vast well of knowledge available online, devouring every piece of information I could find.

  • ~3.5 years ago
    Scale Heaven and Music Guru: A Journey of Musical Understanding

    After Note-Art was stable, I contemplated my next move. I then thought how cool it would be to have a lean, modern app that let's people explore Scales, Chord, and Chord Progression - And so, Scale Heaven was born. Musicians embraced it wholeheartedly, using it as a gateway to deepen their musical understanding. As time went on, Scale Heaven evolved into the beloved Music Guru 1, earning its reputation as one of the highest-rated music theory apps on the Google PlayStore. The best part? It was always free. I firmly believe that music education should be accessible to all, without any barriers or hidden costs.

  • ~2 and a few months years ago
    Vocal Sensei: Empowering Singers

    I then embarked on another exciting venture — Vocal Sensei. This innovative app empowers aspiring singers to practice with ease and efficiency. Alongside these larger projects, I also created several other smaller apps and tools, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  • ~1 year ago
    Music Guru 2: Complete Overhaul

    After a few years, I felt that Music Guru 1 was in need of a complete overhaul. I wanted to create a more modern, intuitive app that would be a joy to use and inspire people to pick up their guitar or go sit on their piano. I also wanted to add more features and make the app much more flexible. I began a complete rewrite, and after a few months, Music Guru 2 was born.

  • ~6 months ago
    The Birth of Melodic Mind

    Recently, I realized the time has come to unite all my diverse creations into a single, cohesive platform — a vision that had been with me from the start. Initially, the name Musitelligence seemed fitting, but with the help of Chat GPT, I arrived at a name that truly resonated: Melodic Mind.

  • This whole time
    A Journey of Growth as a Musician

    Throughout this journey, I also did everything I could to become a better musician. I started playing guitar when i was 14, started with the piano at 22 and also been taking singing lessons for over 4 years now. I can play some other instruments as well, and spend a lot of time creating music and improvising at my home studio(which is my small musical heaven). Creating music purely for the joy of it has become an integral part of my life. Now, I feel that I'm ready to embark on even more ambitious musical projects.

  • Now
    Empowering Musicians Through Innovation

    My mission is to empower musicians of all kinds, providing them with a wealth of resources to enhance their musical journeys. Melodic Mind aims to be the ultimate platform for musicians — a hub for all music-related needs.