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Modern, intuitive, and cross-platform, with the added convenience of running directly in your web browser
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Our Flagship App - The ultimate music theory app for musicians with over 50,000 downloads


The ultimate app for singers - dynamic exercises and other tools to help singers improve their skills

  • Over 300 built-in vocal Exercises.
  • Personalized Workouts for any skill level.
  • A YouTube Player specifically designed for singers.
  • A Re-imagined Recorder that makes it easier than ever to record, organize, and share your singing.
Song Writer Studio - Coming Soon

Easily write and prototype songs on the go - the ultimate app for songwriters

Ear Wizard - Coming Soon

Train your ears and improve your musical abilities - the ultimate app for ear training

About us

About 5 years ago, driven by passion, I set out to unite my love for music and software. This fusion ignited the spark that birthed Melodic Mind.

The first 3 years took me from building Note Art — an open-source library implementing music theory in code — to the evolution of Scale Heaven and into the acclaimed Music Guru app.

2 years ago, La-Vocal emerged, empowering singers to learn and practice vocal techniques.

1 year ago, I started working on Music Guru 2, a complete remake that took the app to new heights.

Just 6 months ago, Melodic Mind emerged as the unified platform for our diverse creations.

Throughout this journey, my personal growth as a musician paralleled the evolution of Melodic Mind. Today, with a palette of instruments and a home studio, I'm ready for even greater musical projects.

Now, I hope to make Melodic Mind the ultimate platform, empowering musicians through innovation. Our mission is clear: to enrich musical journeys with a wealth of resources and help people actively connect with music.

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Our main community is on Discord , so join us there to get the latest updates and to chat with us. We don't have a plan for monetization yet, and we plan to discuss what would be the best way to do it with our community.
Seanitzel, the founder has been spending all of his free time working on this project, while having a full time job.
Making Melodic Mind a big company someday is ... well, a dream. But we think that it's a dream worth pursuing.
We would love to make Melodic Mind our full time job, and we would love to have a team of amazing people working with us.

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