1. Open Music Guru.
  2. Select the 'Explore Scales' button.
  3. Choose the mode you'de like:
    • Browse all: Browse 1000+ scales - optionally filter them by type. Here you can find every scale possible.
    • Search: For a more detailed search, click on 'Search' and enter the name of the scale, its intervals or it's notes.
    • Random: A random scale generator - will just give you a random scale with each click.
  4. Select a Scale:
    • If you wanna click see more information about a specific scale, you can simply click the scale card. It will show all the chords of that scale and clear instructions on how to play the scale (and the chords) on guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele.
  5. Open a Scale:
    • Click on 'Open' to go to the scale page with all the information it, including it's notes, chords, formula and more.
    • You can adapt the scale to different tunings of your instrument, and there's also an option for left-handed players(You can access it with the instrument settings).

Now you can easily learn anything you want about every scale!

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