1. Open Vocal Sensei.
  2. Sign up for free through Google.
    • Note: You can't record or save without a free account.
  3. On the homepage, click "Record Yourself".
  4. Start Recording:
    • Click "Record".
    • Let the app use your microphone.
    • Click "Stop" to end the recording, or use "Pause" and "Resume" for a break. Click "Stop" when youโ€™re done.
  5. To hear your recording, click "Play".
  6. If you donโ€™t like the recording, click "New Recording" to start again.
  7. To save the recording, click "Save". Name it and add tags.
    • Tags help keep your recordings in order so they donโ€™t get lost or forgotten. See examples at the end of this guide.
  8. When you have many recordings with different tags, go to the "Recorder" section. Click a tag to see related recordings.

Examples for Inspiration:

  • "Vocal Development Lessons" Tag: This can have parts you want to record during your vocal lessons. You can organize them by lesson number and what you learn in each lesson. For example:
    • Recording 1: Lesson 1 - The beginning of "In The End" by Linkin Park.
    • Recording 2: Lesson 2 - A rap part in "In The End"-Practice in slow motion
    • Recording 3: Lesson 5: Practice on the chorus of "Titanic" in chest voice.
  • "Important Points for My Solo" Tag: This can contain parts of your solo singing and important points you record. For instance:
    • Recording 1: My solo in "Distortion".
    • Recording 2: Backup vocals for my solo.
    • Recording 3: Another option for backup vocals in my solo.
  • "Pentatonic Scale Vocal Development" Tag: This can include vocal training exercises for the pentatonic scale that you can send to your vocal teacher as homework.

These are just examples. Use this tool however you like and for whatever you need.

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