1. Open Vocal Sensei.
  2. Create a Free Account: Sign up for free through Google or using your E-Mail so we can save your workout for later.
  3. Click 'Start a workout'.
  4. Go to "My Workouts" and click "New workout".
  5. Give your workout a name and click "Create".
  6. Click "Add Exercise" and add the exercises you want to be a part of your workout.
  • Optional: Select a category for your workout.
  • You can reorder the exercises by dragging them up and down.
  1. Click 'Start' and Start the voice training workout.

Note: Each exercise progresses from the base to the final note and back. The structure is such that you can repeat the notes without needing to constantly watch or touch the screen.

The exercises will play automatically, and you just need to follow the piano sounds with your voice. Good luck!

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