1. Open Vocal Sensei.
  2. Log in with your email.
    • Note: Songs cannot be saved without an account, which is free.
  3. Enter "Practice a Song".
  4. In this screen, future saved songs will be stored. Search for them using the search bar.
  5. To create a new song, click "New Song".
  6. Copy the song's YouTube URL and click "Add".
  7. Use the pin button (flag) to mark the section of the song you are working on, from minute X to minute Y. Name it in "New Section" and click "Add Section".
  8. In the bottom tab, save changes, create loops, and share.
  9. Change the positions of sections by dragging them.
  10. Play the section in loops, adjust the tempo, and share.
  11. Click "Save", exit the screen, and the song will be saved for future access in "Practice a Song".

Explore song structure through Vocal Sensei's sample songs, create your own, and practice your favorite songs effectively!

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