Melodic Mind is a platform for musicians, with multiple apps to help you in your musical journey.

Our apps are Modern, intuitive, and cross-platform, with the added convenience of running directly in your web browser.

And currently 100% Free
Music Guru
Vocal Sensei
  • Over 300 built-in vocal Exercises.
  • Personalized Workouts for any skill level.
  • A YouTube Player specifically designed for singers.
  • A Re-imagined Recorder that makes it easier than ever to record, organize, and share your singing.
Midi Maestro
  • Easily create and save your own MIDI templates.
  • Generate new ideas with our AI.
  • Export your creations as MIDI files.
Tuner Dude
  • Tune any instrument with our app.
  • No ads, no bullshit.
Audio Lab
  • Bring the sound in your videos to life with our premade presets
  • Easily add reverb, chorus, and delay effects to your audio
  • Create your own custom presets and save them for later
  • Export your audio as a high-quality file for use in your videos and recordings.
  • Easily share your audio with friends and collaborators.
Lyric Sorceress
  • Easily write and prototype songs on the go.
  • Easily access your lyrics from any device.
  • Stay in the main sit while using AI in a delicate way.
  • Export as PDF or text and easily share with anyone.
Ear Wizard

In development. Train your ears and improve your musical abilities - the ultimate app for ear training