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Tuner Dude: The Tuner You Deserve

Discover Tuner Dude, the new amazing and completely free tuner app that will help you tune your instrument in no time.

Grooving Through Summer: Top Music Festivals

Discover the top music festivals happening around the world this summer and get a glimpse into the festival scene. Plus, read about my own festival adventures

The Music Trends Shaping Social Media

Explore the latest music trends on TikTok and Instagram Reels and discover how they're shaping the way we experience music and social media.

Vocal Sensei: Sharing Some Exciting New Features

Explore the latest features and enhancements in Vocal Sensei, the innovative app that helps you master your vocal skills.

Lyric Sorceress: Power Up Your Songwriting with Cutting-Edge Tools

Discover how Lyric Sorceress, the latest app from Melodic Mind, transforms the way songwriters create and collaborate.

Forming New Habits: Daily Content Updates

Exploring the melodic mind through daily updates on creative progress, insights, and milestones.

US DOJ Targets Apple in Monumental Antitrust Lawsuit - Finally

A comprehensive overview of the US Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuit against Apple, alleging illegal monopoly practices in the smartphone market.

Why Melodic Mind Apps Aren't on the Play Store or App Store

Understanding the rationale behind offering Melodic Mind apps exclusively as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Maximizing Your Practice Sessions with Music Guru

Effective strategies for using Music Guru to enhance your musical learning and practice.

Big Win for Web Apps: Apple Backs Off

A victory lap for web apps as Apple pulls back on its PWA restrictions. Here's how this big change helps everyone, especially music lovers at Melodic Mind.

Apple vs. the World Wide Web: The Fight for Progressive Web App Equality

Discussing the ongoing fight with apple in the EU and what it has to do with Melodic Mind

OG Meta Tags in 2024: What Finally Worked For Me

Make your social media url preview work properly with these insights and tips.

How to Make Web Share Work with Files

Make Web Share API work with any file on iOS and Android

2024 - The Year of Melodic Mind

Some thoughts coming into the new year.

Exploring AI Music Creation with Microsoft CoPilot and Suno

Discover how Microsoft CoPilot and Suno are offering a fresh perspective on music creation for musicians and producers.

Get the Free Melodic Mind MIDI Packs

We just released 2 new MIDI free packs for you to use in your music.

New Sections: Learn, Blog, Tutorials

Welcome to the New Era of Melodic Mind: Explore, Learn, and Grow with Us!

Introducing Music Guru 2 Beta: A New Chapter in Music Learning

A completely revamped, feature-rich app, now free and available on all devices.

Official Announcement: Melodic Mind Goes Live!

We officially announce Melodic Mind, release a video and make all our apps available for free!