I would like to thank these people that contributed to Melodic Mind along the way(before it was even called Melodic Mind):

  • Mark Larin - He is an amazing UX/UI designer and a good friend. He was in charge of the original UI of Vocal Sensei, and we created the UX together. I learned a lot from him, and i hope he will be able to rejoin Melodic Mind in the future.
  • Merav, Denis - They helped with the design of very early versions of Music Guru(I don't remember their last names 😅)

Additionally, The Melodic Mind project would not have been possible without the amazing world of open source which i truly love and follow.

Special thanks to the following projects and people:

  • Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework, and it's entire beautiful ecosystem - Vite, Nuxt, and Quasar among others.
  • Tone.js - A Web Audio framework for making interactive music in the browser.