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I watch videos on YouTube from time to time and I just didn't stop getting that annoying ad about the Unison MIDI Chord Pack. I was thinking to myself, "Why would anyone pay for MIDI files?" and then I realized that I'm not the target audience for this product. I'm a musician, I know how to play the piano, I know music theory, and I know how to create my own MIDI files. But not everyone is like me, and that's why I decided to create a some free MIDI packs for you to be able to use in your music.

Unison MIDI packs, jesus...

They are charging you for MIDI files and also tell you that their MIDI files are "royalty-free" and you can use them in your music. I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous. MIDI files are just a bunch of numbers that tell your computer what notes to play, and they are not something you can own. You can't own a sequence of numbers, and you can't own a sequence of notes. That's like saying you own the number 5, and no one else can use it. It's just ridiculous. There is no way to prove that you created a MIDI file, and there is no way to prove that you didn't create a MIDI file. So, if you want to use MIDI files in your music, just use them. Don't pay for them, don't give them your money, and don't support this kind of behavior.

Oh and btw, they offer 1200+ midi files for $67. I created a pack with 32,000+ MIDI files for free. You can download it here: Melodic Mind MIDI Pack

Innovation and Customization at Your Fingertips

At Melodic Mind, we understand that each musician's journey is unique. That's why our MIDI packs are meticulously crafted to support and inspire musicians across all genres and skill levels.

Anything Possible

The framework for Melodic Mind let's me easily generate MIDI files in any context and for any genre. I'm planning to create more MIDI packs in the future, so if you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know in the comments below.

Let's Talk Music!

We invite you to engage with us. Share your ideas, your dream projects, and let us know what you need to make your musical journey even more remarkable. Your feedback and suggestions are not just welcome; they are essential in shaping the future offerings of Melodic Mind.

Join Our Melodic Journey

Download our MIDI packs today and experience the Melodic Mind difference for yourself. We can't wait to see what you create! We also invite you to check out our app Midi Maestro for Music producers and Music Guru for music learners composers.

Happy creating,

The Melodic Mind Team

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