You've probably heard the rumblings about Apple's recent moves against Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and what it means for us developers, especially those of us trying to innovate in the music app space on iOS. Let's break it down and get into how this affects us at Melodic Mind and possibly you too.

So, Apple's gearing up for what looks like a showdown with the upcoming EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) by making some pretty drastic changes to PWAs with the iOS 17.4 update. In short, they're pulling the plug on a bunch of essential features for PWAs, like app-like UIs and reliable storage, notifications, and more.

For small businesses without much funding(like Melodic Mind) web apps are the ONLY realistic option for creating apps(which are the most important thing for companies that build software as a service).

It's so sad that we are literally in a reality right now where the web is more than good enough for 90%(if not more) of what apps need, especially with features that were released in the last few years. And they work(almost) perfectly on Android.

It's been years that im trying to ship web apps that will properly on iOS, but it's literally impossible. No background audio, a heap of issues with Web Audio API support, and countless hours spent debugging things that just work on other browser(engines). All of Melodic Mind's apps are Progressive Web Apps, because I thought I was able to count on the internet, and these changes feel like being handed a boat anchor instead of a life vest.

Apple claims their recent moves are about aligning with the DMA, but(obviously) that's a lie. It is a calculated strategy to maintain their app store's dominance. At Melodic Mind, this hits hard. We're all in on democratizing music education and creation, yet we're constantly bumping into barriers set by a platform that seems to play by its own rules.

Here’s the straight talk – Apple's narrative about security concerns doesn't hold up. PWAs thrive without issue across the board, except on iOS, thanks to Apple's stringent grip on WebKit. This isn't about security; it's about control. Their walled garden isn't just well-kept; it's fortified.

But we wont let that stop us. Music thrives on breaking barriers, not bowing to them. Our foundation is built on web APIs and technologies that sing on all platforms – all but one. The discord isn't with the web; it's with Apple's lackluster support for it on their devices.

Rerouting isn't an option for us. Every tool, every app we've built relies on these web technologies that work seamlessly everywhere but in Apple's ecosystem. The future we envision – one where everyone can access Melodic Mind's apps as intended – hinges on Apple dropping the act and either stepping up their standards compliance game or opening the gates to other browsers that can.

To my fellow developers feeling stifled, I'm with you. To everyone who's ever wanted to bring their musical vision to life through our apps, know this: we're not going anywhere. We're here, hammering away at these challenges, because the music must go on.

Your voices matter in this. Share your thoughts, your stories, or even just a word of support. Melodic Mind's journey is far from over, and having you alongside us, note for note, is what keeps our melody playing.

If you want to dive deeper into this subject I recommend the following article by the following article that explains everything.

I also wanna say thanks to the Open Web Advocacy foundation that fights this fight for all of us.

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