Vocal Sensei

Improving your vocal skills just got way easier

Practice smarter, improve faster.
We used the latest technologies to create the ultimate app for singers.
Now in Free Open Beta


Some of the things you can do with Vocal Sensei:

  • Over 300 built-in vocal Exercises.
  • Personalized Workouts for any skill level.
  • A YouTube Player specifically designed for singers.
  • A Re-imagined Recorder that makes it easier than ever to record, organize, and share your singing.


Vocal Sensei is currently in Free Open Beta, but will always have a 100% Free Plan that gives you access to all of it's features.

Free Plan
$ 0 / month
Access 300+ built-in exercises
Create up to 10 exercises
Create up to 5 workouts
Add up to 5 songs
Create up to 80 recordings
Explore community workouts
Try it now

Vocal lessons cost $ 50 - $ 100 per hour.
Every teacher will tell you that practicing by yourself correctly and efficiently is the key to improving, and that is exactly what we are here to help you with.

Install the app

Vocal Sensei works on any device, and we recommend installing it as a native Web App using your browser, or simply using it straight from your browser.

Desktop & Android
iPhones, iPads


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