Welcome to Melodic Mind, your new creative partner in music making. Our goal is simple: to enhance your musical journey in any way we can - our MIDI packs, our apps, our learning resources etc. Whether you're composing, producing, or just experimenting, our resources are designed to spark your creativity and refine your sound. Dive into our world where innovation meets melody, and let's make music that resonates with your artistic vision.

MIDI Chord Pack
Every chord you'll ever need in one place. Whether you're creating pop, rock, or jazz music, this pack provides a solid foundation for your compositions.
Ultimate MIDI Pack
The Ultimate MIDI Pack is a collection of 32,000+ MIDI files that you can use to create your own music. It has all the chords, common scales and tons of progressions with different rhythms.

We invite you to also check out our other apps and specifically Midi Maestro, our app for producers and composers. Midi Maestro is a powerful tool that allows you to easily prototype ideas using Music Theory and AI.