1. Open Midi Maestro.
  2. Select the "Create Music" feature.
  3. Add Chords:
    • Go to the "Chord Name" tab.
    • Search and select the chord you want by typing its note name in the search box.
    • You can also listen to it by pressing the play button before adding it to the progression.
    • Click on "Add Chord" to include it in your progression.
    • Repeat the process of adding chords to build your chord progression.
  4. Creating Multiple Progressions:
    • As known, a song can be made up of one or more progressions.
    • You have the option to create multiple progressions by clicking on the "+" button near the hand pointing to a number, (under the Add chord botton). This number is your progression number.
  5. Editing the Chords:
    • After adding chords to one or more progressions, you can always edit them, delete, or replace them by clicking on the chord.
  6. Fine-Tune Your Creation:
    • Now you can edit the rhythm, bass, lead, drums, and more.
  7. Finalize and Use Your Progression:
    • Don't forget to save it for future use and editing.
    • Download your progression as MIDI or audio files.
    • Share your creation with others.
    • Add a keyboard part for more complexity.
    • Use your progression in music creation software for further editing.

And now you can create songs, melodies, or any creation you choose. You can share it, download it, use it for your needs, or publish it. Enjoy!

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