1. Open Midi Maestro.
  2. Click on the "Explore Music" feature.
  3. Choose 'Popular Progressions' for common chord sequences or 'Functional Harmony' for functional harmony based progressions. Click "Let's go!" to begin.
  4. Choose a Scale: In 'Popular Progressions,' pick a scale under the "Scale" tab. For 'Functional Harmony,' use the "Type" tab.
  5. Pick a Progression Type (For Popular Progressions Only): Navigate to the "Progression" tab and select your preferred progression style.
  6. Customize Chords: Chords linked to your selected scale will appear. Use these or change them by clicking on each chord. Try the random button for inspiration.
  7. Use the respective tabs to fine-tune the sound, rhythm, lead, and other elements.
  8. Download and Use Your Creation:
    • Download MIDI files for separate parts or the entire progression.
    • Save, share, and add keyboard layers as you wish.
    • Continue editing the MIDI or audio file with other music editing software.

Now, you can create music that sounds great even with a simple random selection, download it in MIDI, change the instrument in editing software, and much more. Its time to Press the "Play" button to enjoy your creation!

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